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From little acorns . . .

By oldpineyurt, Dec 9 2016 10:29AM

. . . or rather, in this case, from little pine cones!

Thinking that the process would be relatively simple, we decided to enter the world of blogging. It turns out, though, that it’s full of technical jargon that we really don’t understand, and the learning curve is going to be pretty much vertical for a while! However, we’re going for it – and where better to start than at the beginning, at about the time when Donald first decided that he had to do something with the neglected patch of hillside under the spreading branches of the old pine tree?

Of course, the beginning goes back much further than that; we can't really be sure how old our Scots Pine tree is, but it has probably been growing happily on the hillside here for at least two hundred years, and could doubtless tell a tale or two. The track between the cottage and what were once the farm outbuildings was originally part of the old military road so, amongst other things, the tree will have witnessed the transition from foot and horse traffic along the old track to the very first motor car to travel on the new road!

Now this grand old tree, which sprouted from a little pine cone at a time when ‘communication’ referred largely to people talking to each other, provides a convenient spot for the campfire, offers protection from the elements, both rain and sun, and stands watch over the occupants of the yurt as they slumber. We couldn't have given the Old Pine Yurt any other name!

To be continued . . .

Dec 9 2016 05:58PM by Jackson

Didn't know about the old track...Looking forward to the next part ��

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